Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Mini Moon

I am creating this blog to keep family and friends updated on our new lives since we are many miles from all of you! I'll do my best to keep it updated so our parents know we're really alive and well.

                                                                      Hotel #2

Now it wouldn't be right if I didn't leave ya'll (look I'm using Texan words) with a story.The night of our wedding reception I started coming down with the Flu. I had a full on break down because on top of  having the flu and being completely exhausted, we both had both hardly ate anything the entire day. Anyone who knows me knows I get hangry (deadly combination of hungry and angry when having no food in stomach) very easily. The next day we were headed to L.A. to spend a day or two in Disneyland and then continue on to Texas. Sadly the next day my sickness only became worse and that whole morning is almost a blur as I had everyone packing for me and I was plopped in the car with what felt like a mild coma, I don't remember much but I believe I was semi-conscious. Joshua's sweet Mother and cousin got us an amazing hotel right across the street from Disneyland. Since I was so sick and Josh was coming down with it as well, we couldn't go to Disneyland. So for two days we got to watch people coming and going from Disneyland. They all had Mickey ears on, souvenirs, and ketchup stained shirts from the giant corn dogs they had earlier consumed. I told Josh, all I want when we go to Disneyland is to ride space mountain, pirates, Indiana Jones, and a giant corn dog. Sadly we didn't get any of these things.

Once we left our nice hotel Josh put me in charge of booking our next hotel online while we drove. I found this AMAZING deal that we couldn't pass up. I think it was for $40.00. I booked it and we were set for arriving in El Paso. Oops..I forgot to mention the hotel I had booked was actually in Mexico. When I received the confirmation email that read something like: Qualttoiagnaoidf, Mexico I knew I had made a minormajor mistake. "Um Josh I accidentally booked our hotel in Mexico." Thankfully he is the best husband ever and we both laughed for a long time about it. I think I had been locked in the car too long because I couldn't stop laughing about it, and thinking about it now I'm laughing again. haahaa...Mexico.

Not to worry the Husband found a great hotel called "El Paso Suites." How fancy does that sound? Ooh lala...oh wait. When we walked in it looked like a little villa. So adorable and fun and lucky us we were on the top floor! Once we got inside to our actual hotel room we realized that maybe we had gotten excited too soon. It was weird and slightly dirty and I'll just leave it at that. BUT hello we get free breakfast the next morning, so totally worth it. We woke up with 10 minutes to spare until breakfast closed. We hurried and got ready and ran to the elevator. We stepped in with another family and thought "phew we're gonna make it!" Then we proceeded to stop at every floor to gather more family members (Wait Grandpa doesn't have his belt on! We gotta hold the elevator for him!) After Grandpa got his belt on we made one last stop to pick up some wandering children who I'm sure belonged to one of the members in our sardine packed elevator. By the time we reached the floor it was 9:01 and boy are they timely! Breakfast was closed, but at least we had a nice ride in the elevator to wake us up. We ended up at IHOP with the other lady who had slipped into the elevator and missed breakfast. She was much more upset about it than us. (Hey-ooooh Ihop)

In the end we made it to our cute apartment. The days after we were married turned out much different than we had expected, but at least we have stories to tell. I love my Joshua Sterling SO MUCH and I'm thankful we survived our mis-adventures and I look forward to many more.